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#0001 -E- Introdução (Chapter I - Part one: Description)

Gaktak was sitting at the edge of Araii’s Castle mesa, thinking. This castle was one of the five castles built on the only mesas - or any elevations - of the Kingdom of The Great Plains of Aranae. His white hair - result of being the son of two necromancers - was getting out of line due to the strong winds. Gaktak closed his bright-red eyes - another consequence of his parents’ nature – and breath in the pure cold air that opposed to the hot air that could be felt on the plains.
Suddenly, the pain in his forearm assaulted him once more. He took off his left brassard and lift the sleeve of his back and golden linen robe, revealing an extremely aged forearm…

-“Humph… This is what I get for trying to join the Paladins… I try to make a Holy Fire and BAM! That shit backfires!”- Gaktak thought, and he had a point: It is absolutely impossible for a Necromancer - or a Necromancer’s child – to cast Holy Magic without paying any price besides Manna… Even though it was functional, his left forearm had acquired an aged look and pained him constantly. At first, he couldn’t even use a buckler, but now, he would only be in pain if he were to break his concentration… he was used to it…

Now, he had to concentrate on stopping the pain, but the pain itself wouldn’t allow it, so he had to, with a basic freezing spell, cool down his arm (he couldn’t concentrate hard enough to completely freeze the arm, but the spell would be good for a couple of minutes). Gaktak, aside from being a necromancer, had learnt how to wield a variety of weapons, and specialized himself in wielding the bastard sword. He also learnt how to perform the Elemental Arts, or Elementalism, so that, if something went wrong while practicing the Dark Arts, or if he were fighting side-by-side with someone without revealing the fact that he is a necromancer, since Necromancy was illegal in the Kingdom of Aranae, he would always have a way to fend for himself.

Then, Gaktak looked at the amulet he had on his neck: made out of black leather, shaped like a lozenge, with a six-edged star inserted into a hexagon, inscribed unto a circumference, all in white. It had been given to him by the Paladins…

Continued in the next part


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