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#0009 - Viagens (Chapter II - Part Three: Rescued – Act One - Sueño)


Todos os sonhos (e visões, se ele tiver alguma) de Gaktak serão escritos em Inglês, de forma a acentuar a diferença entre os sonhos e a realidade… Enjoy…


-“Helooooo!”- Gaktak heard a voice, a familiar one -“Wakie wakie little bro!”
Gaktak, opened his eyes and jumped up, getting up on his feet. He quickly recognized the voice: -“Victor…”
-“That is a correct assumption! Glad you recognised my voice!”
Gaktak looked around: he was inside an empty blue room, with no doors or windows and only with a thin layer of fog covering the floor. Victor was nowhere to be seen. Then, the fog that covered the floor started to form a column right in front of Gaktak’s eyes and taking human shape. In front of him, from the fog, materialised a human: Victor: His eyes and hair had gained a greyish colour, and he became more pale and skeletal since Gaktak had last seen him, three years ago. Aside from that, he was their father’s spitting image. Then, Victor laughed in a malicious way, starting with his normal voice, and then, progressively, it turned into a high pitched laughter, resembling a bat’s fint squeak. Even though Gaktak had gotten used to it, it still gave him the chills down his spine. -“So, is my evil laughter good? I do think it needs some modifications… So, does it still give ya the chills? I can see by your face that yes, it does! Yay.”

-“You are in too deep inside the Necromantic ways Victor… Not even Dad or Moth…”
-“Shut up!”- yelled Victor -“Don’t you dare compare me to that woman!”
-“That WOMAN took you in like her own child! And, in your bizarre way of saying “thanks”, you killed her, along with our father!”
-“I did… And it felt soooooo fucking nice…”- Gaktak was getting ready to draw Ifrii out -“But… *he* killing her wasn’t the best part… oh no… the best part of it was the sensation of power coursing through my veins, the power I absorbed from their deaths…”- Now, Victor directed to Gaktak in a tone of mockery -“And, of course, your face, covered in tears, as you tried to avenge them…”
Gaktak couldn’t take it anymore: He unsheathed Ifrii and attacked Victor with a vertical swing, from up to down, yet, he missed: Victor had dissolved into fog and started to vanish. Right before he finished vanishing, he told Gaktak: -“I won’t be that much of a big brother if I don’t tell you this: If you want to defeat me, I’ll give you a hint: remember those red feathers?”- Then, Victor’s fog vanished completely and Gaktak woke up, drenched in sweat with a men and a woman leaned over him.

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Ron disse...

Oh yeah! It was really nice, but tell me again: why do you think writting the Gaktak's dreams in English is better than write them in Portuguese?
See ya in hell!

Gaktak disse...

Because I feel like it!