sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

Well... (Monologue #0002)

And it's late. I look at the clock: It's already past midnight and I've still gotta' study for that blasted test... Feel kinda' sleepy, but I don't care... Well, someone once told me that looking at the freaking clock could give you inspiration... Let's put that to the test... Well, at least this is a start, right?

So... inspiration... let's see... Guess it's one of those things that comes from within, right? Well... with the right type external stimuli, of course. For instance, I just turned in grooveshark and started to listen to some "Wierd Al" Yankovic... so, yeah, my brain is getting kinda' rotten... Hum... I'm sayin' "kinda' " too often... I'm going for "kind of" now... If I remember to do so... Aw hell, I'm too tired, going to get some sleep... I'll keep writing when I have some time again... Oh, and Monday's Valentine's Day! So... happy-happy gushy-gushy congrats to all couples who last at least a week after that fate-given day (You know, after the guy (or gal) only remembers he/she has got to buy his/her partner something nice at the last minute and buys her/him some random shit...) or that start on that day. (Good luck! :D) So yeah... I'm going to hit the sack. Bah, I'm going to publish this!

Talk about some random shit, right? ^^

Take care.


2 comentários:

Ron disse...

And who is the freaking bastard that told you that?

Gaktak disse...

Well... It was you, you freaking bastard! XD