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#0002 –E– Introdução (Chapter I - Part two: Flashback - Act One)

***I dare remind you, dear readers, that, as the title states, this is a flashback. At the end of the 1st part, Gaktak starts having the said flashback and this is the said flashback. ***

Gaktak had arrived to the Paladins home-quarters: a huge fortified monastery made out of solid rock, with tall white towers which had cross-shaped crenels. Although he was aware of his condition, he didn’t want to accept the dark void of Necromancy and he wanted to go for the Holy Arts instead, if that would be possible.

-“Ah yes! Gaktak, right?”- asked a man -“I have been expecting you.”

He was a big, intimidating man, whose kind face did not match the rest of his body. He had dark hair and green eyes. From him emanated a good energy, which caused Gaktak a light headache. This man was all armoured up and shiny, with golden carved pictures of the holy book: on his chest piece, the scene of the sealing of Nameth, God of Evil, stood out.

-“Very well then,”- spoke the man -“I will be your examiner. Let us begin with combat training. What is your mastery?”
-“Bastard sword, but I can also use it with a shield and daggers. When necessary, I can also use magic.”

Afterwards, Gaktak and the examiner went into a windowless room, the floor was covered in dirt, and all the lightening came from various torches, which light had been amplified through a clever mirror system.
The examiner suddenly dealt a vertical blow with his sword (Vertical Fendente) to Gaktak’s head, which Gaktak soon dodged. Gaktak had realised the exam had started.
-“Good reflexes! And here I thought I would catch you off guard…”- said the examiner -“Well, that only means we may carry on… Whoever gets knocked down on the ground or injured first, looses. Even if you do loose, I shall decide if you do or do not pass to the next stage… TAKE YOUR STANCE!”

Soon enough, Gaktak unsheathed his sword and took his stance: arms and legs slightly bent, blade covering all of the upper part of his, one of the edges facing outwards. The examiner attacked, dealing several horizontal blows (Mezzano) and diagonal blows to the legs (Sotani), finishing with a vertical Fendente, blows that Gaktak blocked with ease by rotating his body and with a few changes in the position of his sword.
Next, it was Gaktak’s turn to take the initiative: he dealt a sotani to the examiner’s left leg, yet, his sword was brutally repelled by the big man’s blade, making Gaktak’s sword fly a few meters. Quickly, Gaktak took two daggers that he had hidden in his pouch and jumped, disappearing into the air. His movements had become so fast to the point that he was no more than a blur. Each attack looked like it came from nowhere… This was all thanks to an Elemental Spell – Air Walk – that granted him immense speed. Yet, after a while of blocking Gaktak’s attacks almost at the last second, the examiner started to notice a pattern, and, as soon as he found a weak spot, right before Gaktak’s attack, instead of blocking, he let go of his massive sword, being simply attached to his wrist by a small piece of rope and it started to spin, creating a miniature tornado of sorts, lobbing Gaktak towards the nearest wall, leaving him with almost all of his strength depleted, defeated.

-“This exam is over!”- declared the man -“Get some rest and come back tomorrow for your second and final test.”- then, he turned to two men dressed in white robes -“Give him food and a bed, and if he’s completely recovered by tomorrow, tell him he can make the second test and escort him to the inner cloister.”

Gaktak rested in one of the rooms of the monastery. In the next day, he was all up and running, so he went on to take the test.
-“Ah, Gaktak, I see you have recovered!”-
exclaimed the examiner -“Very well then! This is where the final stage of your exam will undergo!”
The inner cloister was a large court, floor covered in grass and with a few trees here and there.
-“So, what about that test?”-
Gaktak asked -“What do I have to do now?”
-“Simple! You’re a spellcaster, as I have seen. So you shouldn’t break a sweat!”-
said the examiner -“So tell me, what type of magic do you use?”
Gaktak lied, simply saying: -“Elementarism”
The man looked at him distrustfully: -“Tell me, you don’t you have any Necromantic relatives, now do you?”
-“Well, I can’t hide that, now can’t I?”- his hair and eyes were clear signs -“Yeah, both my father and my mother were into the Dark Arts, by I was never interested by it, yet, my parents insisted in having me learn a few basic spells, at least basic from their point of view… Why?”

-“Hum… Maybe you can still do the test… Verry well then, try and conjure a Holy Fire.”

-“Huh… Sure, but… how do I do it?”

-“Well, a Holy Fire is basically a reflection of your soul, and for many a Paladin, it’s their most powerful attack spell they can do.”-
explained the examiner -“Just meditate, search in the bottom of your soul and reflect it in the form of a fire. If you have a pure heart, then you should be able to do it.”

To be continued in the next act


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