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#0003 - E - Introdução (Chapter I - Part two: Flashback - Act Two)

Gaktak closed his eyes and gained focus. All of a sudden, he saw himself in a huge, blue surface, with a big, dark sphere in the centre. Was that his soul? No, it couldn’t. So, Gaktak ran towards it, attempting to go in. At the moment of impact, instead of finding something hard, it was actually… creamy? It was dark and moist and let him in like a mother holding her son, opening her arms and enveloping him. Gaktak kept on running for what seemed an eternity, trying to, either find the centre, or get out of that dark Hell. Then, warmth, a small light. He ran towards that speck of light in the midst of that darkness. As he got to the light source, he found yet another sphere, at least two times as large than the one that surrounded it. How could that be even possible? Gaktak just couldn’t care less: calmly, he walked to the sphere and let the light envelop him.
Gaktak opened his eyes and stretched his arms, with the palm of his hands facing each other, from where two sparks emerged, and, almost immediately, they developed into a gigantic flame of pure white.
-“Very well!”- the examiner exclaimed -“One of the biggest flames I have ever seen! Excellent wo…”- the examiner suspended his words as he bore witness of the scene:
From Gaktak’s forearms, two black blurs emerged and slowly enveloped the white flame, turning it into a dark fire. Afterwards, the flame quickly returned to Gaktak’s left forearm. During the whole process, Gaktak screamed in agony, and, in the end, he passed out.
About an hour or two later, Gaktak woke up in the bedroom where he had spent the night. Two man in white robes – probably doctors – and the examiner stood at his bed side.
-“Urgh… my head…”- he got up -“I failed, haven’t I?”
-“Unfortunately, you are correct.”-
the examiner answered -“Here, take this amulet: it has enough charges for you to make one Holy Spell, any one that you would want. So, think well before you use it’s power, since, when its charge runs out, you’ll use more than just Mana in order to make a holy spell… As for your left forearm, we did all we could…” Gaktak rolled up his sleeve and became horrified by what je saw: his entire left forearm, extremely aged.
-“You should start feeling pain in a few days.”- the man turned towards the doctors -“Please gentleman, give this sir his belongings and escort him to the way out.”

***End of Flasback***
Gaktak once again took a big breath of the pure, mesa air, sighed, and then, mumbled:
-“The shit I get myself into…”
End of Chapter One
To be continued in the next chapter


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