sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

The darkness of my soul... (Monologue #0004)

(You need me...) Huh? I recognise that voice.... (You should... For I am a part of you.) Ah... yes. I remember now... that darker part of me... haven't seen you in a while... (You gave me a name, you know?) Yes... But it's just for cataloguing purposes... And calling you so would force me to acknowledge that I created you out of my own free will... (OH, but you did.) To keep you in check! (Nevertheless...) It was necessary! It was not something I wanted to do... To split myself in order to become more of a human... or less, as the human race is prone to war and chaos... (Even so, you need me...) In that, you speak truth. One must live in balance between darkness and light. (Well... changing the subject: Could I ask you something?) *he* You already did, but since you asked nicely, you may ask another. (Why do you seek "her"?) Who? Ah... you must talking about "the seraphim", right (Yes.) To fly. (I am the dark wings with which to take soar, why_) Ah! but here is where you are wrong! My wings are no longer black, but red, made out of my own flesh and blood and_ (I AM your flesh and blood!) No. you are part of my soul, just like that "little brother" of yours. My flesh and my blood are mine and mine only. My skin has shed, and no longer wings of darkness grow from my back, but wings made out of my own flesh and blood, sweat and tears, feathers red as the fire that burns within me and gives me strength. (I AM your strength!) Chained as you are? I believe not. (*sigh* Then... if you have all that, then why do you seek her?) To fly. (Don't you have wings? Fly with them!) I do. But I merely get the illusion of flight. With her, my feathers will be white from my peace of mind and I shall truly fly. I need her to be complete. Now, I close the door to your cell. (Get back here! I'm not done with you!) But I am done with you. 'Till we meet again.


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