domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

Ode to Death/ Live and Rise

No regrets...
Not anymore.
Keep pushing forward.
Ride towards nevermore.

For to die we only need to live,
To hate we only need to love,
And to loath we need only to feel bliss.

For every day we keep pushing,
Pushing into the endless nothingness.
Everything that exists must cease to do so,
So do not fear Death.

Embrace the Dark Maiden with open arms,
Live to your fullest so you may rest in peace.
For life is only temporary,
But death is forever eternal.

And as the dark deathaura,
Comes down on your head,
May you feel bliss,
Knowing that your final,
Deserved rest has come.

So, once more,
As I did many times before,
I beg of you...

Live to the fullest...
Live and...

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