domingo, 25 de março de 2012


I see the fire in our eyes,
I see the future in disguise.
I see destruction for us all,
I see the the one who'll make us fall.

I see the one who pours the rain,
I know this won't be all in vain.
I know that we will break the wall,
I know that we will see The Fall.

I see us running,
I see us fighting,
I see us falling,
I see us RISING!

I see destruction and demise,
I see all things that you despise.
I see the writing on the wall,
I know this'll be a free-for-all.

Through plains and mountains we will rise,
Through seas and islands of your eyes,
For we are human, we are all,
For fields and country we give it all!

I see us loving,
I see us living,
I see us breathing,
I see us...

(What do I see?
I see everything and nothing,
I see the past, present and future,
I see us fall, I see us rise...
I see the fire in our eyes.)

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