sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012


  He stood in the barren lands, looked both left and right. The smell of sand and the taste of blood both lingered. It mattered not whether if his trail had been hard or not, it only mattered that he had prevailed.

  He could still see the mangled bodies, he could still hear the screams of pain, but both were no more, only sand., the wind, the scorching sun, and nothing more.

  He was a mere pawn, a lackey, a puppet, in the hands of leaders, of capitalists, of puppeteers, of FOOLS!

  Yes, fools. Fools for underestimating him. Fools for thinking him unable to see through their schemes.

  He knew, yet, he was deemed... Inferior.

  Oh, the look on their faces when they discovered what he was doing! But it was too late. Their resistance proved futile. They had trained him, but too well.

  He gathered the men he had been ordered to kill... Hundreds, thousands! Many men with nothing but revolution, anger, revenge in their hearts. He only gave them purpose.

  Now all that was left behind was an immense patch of desert where once a glorious fortress city stood.

  He would be hailed as a hero when he came back to his peers, a visionary, the Saviour of Mankind!

  But now, he was tired, his strength wavered. He had no soldiers, he had no peers. He was in the desert, and right now, he was Inferior, he was...


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