terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

Good Night Poem

So... a friend asked me to tell her something cute as a good night, and so, I whipped up something in just under a minute. Neat enough, but since it was created in a private chat, I won't be posting it in here (unless she insists). And then, a few days later, I came up with this (a bit under ten minutes, written on impulse):


Sleep now, child.
May your nights be filled
With dreams soft and mild.

Tomorrow's a new day,
A day to be thrilled,
So make way! Make haste!

Another minute we cannot waste!

But tonight is not the time
For such fast paced joys,
So go on, go to bed,
Put down your toys.

Now go, rest your head,
Don't fill it with silliness instead.
It is time to go to sleep,
It is time to go to bed.

And one thing is certain,
One thing is right,
Tonight is the time to dream,
So have a kiss, and good night.

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